Mar 11, 2014


Do you know who turned 29 today? It's Miroslava Duma, Russian it girl, former editor of Harper's Bazaar and now a freelance journalist, owner of Buro 24/7 and one of my favourite fashion victims all over the world. I track her incredible style from a few years (maybe I should write: seasons?) and I'm totally in love with that little, inconspicuous young woman. You could read about her in one of posts on Fashion from Art, this about the Russian Fashion Pack where I described also Ulyana Sergeenko, Anya Ziourova, Elena Perminova and Vika Gazinskaya. Here's a little outline of the style of this little empress of fashion. Most of her clothes are haute couture and Mira likes both wearing one brand head to toe and mixing elements by different designers. She doesn't limit her style by choosing favourite colour or pattern and hanging it on, but she experiments and plays with fashion. Duma likes to emphasise her nationality and origins, often by wearing headscarfs like a babushka and dressing up as a Russian Matrioshka Doll. Maybe because of her surname. 
Below, you'll see Miroslava Duma's 29 best street style looks picked by me, subjectively of course, to dignify her 29th birthday. All the best!

In this set she looks not only chic and sexy, but also trendy - just look at this bag (this model became an it bag immediately after the show).
You Russkis are cool! - sais Bill Cunningham when he took a picture of her in this outfit.
Russian style in French fashion house's designs, Chanel of course.
In this imperial Dolce & Gabbana dress she took the Glamour Woman of the Year Award
In this Chanel uniform, there's no doubt that she is a part of Chanel army!
This is the firts outfit I saw her in when I've already known who she was. Sort of sentimental value.
Her style is not limited by anything, she can wear even more minimalistic designs, like this Celine complet.
Playing with colors in Louis Vuitton.
And again she differentiates - this time by showing her origins in Upper East Side.
A pattern (Missoni here), a statement necklace and an interesting headwear. It's her style.
This dress is by Missoni too and Mira compelted it with a babushka.
Before Calvin Klein fashion show she got menswear-inspired.
Did she broke the law and became a prisoner? No, she's just playing with fashion, in Chanel.
Two Chanel bags worn together? Why not!
Here's a real Parisian. Because it's Paris Haute Couture, and because her dress is by Dior. And don't forget about the beret!
Do you remember the famous Louis Vuitton show for ss 2013? If the collection became famous, Mira had to wear it!
Duma knows how to behave in Paris: be chic, but easily and don't forget to endear the French - for instance by wearing a sweatshirt with a French poet.
Did I mention that she likes playing with fashion? Just look at this cap!
Mira made this modern oriental look with Chanel tweed coat and Chanel headpiece.
Here she's standing in Burberry in front of ...Burberry fashion show.
This Chanel dress made her look like an actress in costume drama.
In this Valentino coat looking like a dress she was a portent of spring.
Before Giambattista Valli fashion show Miroslava is playing with shapes and forms.

This is one of her outfits for this year Paris Fashion Week. Was geometry her favourite subject at shool?
Bright, simple, but still extremly elegant.

In this fabulous black dress Duma went back in time.

She looks breathtakingly not only in Chanel, but also in Dries van Noten.

Miroslava knows how to combine collors.

In this bold jumpsuit she bacame sexy, but she stayed elegant.

This dress made her extremly feminine and charming.

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  1. Ślicznota o niebanalnym stylu! :)
    Jest świetna!

  2. Wow!♥ You chose the best of Miroslava! Looking forward to your future posts.


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