Apr 23, 2014


Back then, I used to like military style (at the age of...8), I used to wear ties, loads of safety pins and skulls as Green Day was my favourite band, I used to be a skate with a sporty style. Few years ago I finally found my style. It may change of course but I adhere to it from a long time now and year after year I'm more and more certain of it.
In the past I truly hated both dresses and skirts. When it comes to ballet flats the aversion lasted till today and despite wearing them I would keenly send all of them to hell. Nowadays, I found my style more feminine. I discovered pastels (even pink!), floral patterns and items of clothing mentioned before - dresses and skirts. However, I still don't look like Taylor Swift and don't even dream about it.
My style in a nutshell? I love elegance. My elegance is, though, far from classics like modest little black dress or exemplary pencil skirt. At every turn I harm an elegent outfit with something which can astonish people on the street: too much jewelry, sneakers combined with a girly skirt, two different earrings, violet lipstick at 8 am or shining bright like a diamond before noon.
The part of fashion which I love most is this playful, game for experimenting, brave and provocative one. These are qlties I want to be my personal style associated with. As once Iris Apfel (who you may know from Fashion from Art's article) said: ''More is more and less is a bore''.
This year I didn't have much time for my blog what wasn't very difficult to notice. Fewer and fewer posts and a bit diffrent content was caused by approaching day by day school-leaving exams. Fortunately, month from now, all of them will have been finished and my life with fashion in leading role will start again.
Photographs which you can see below are the result of working with my friend, Jędruś, who's so crazy about both photography and cinematography as I'm about fashion. I've always repeated that posting photos of me, myself and I is not the aim of this blog. However, because of the lack of time for writing normal posts, I came up with the idea of sharing these photographs with you. What's more...it's actually my part of the Web, isn't it? (Ups, I guess I just become an outright fashion blogger.)

 Photos by Jędrzej Filuś
Blouse: H&M
Skirt: Mon&Art
Jacket: Bershka
Loafers: Gino Rossi
Ring: H&M
Earring: right: Les Animaux, left: Six

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  1. Where is that little girl I remember?
    Tempus fugit....

  2. super zdjęcia! :)

    zapraszam do mnie w wolnej chwili :)


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