May 17, 2014


Recently, when looking through photos from last Chanel show, I saw a comment which went more or less like that: Chanel does the East, chanel does Dallas, chanel does the gallery, chanel does the supermarket, chanel does India? Maybe it's time for someone else to be Chanel and Lagerfeld to continue being Lagerfeld? What would I say? Each time he changes the place of his show and with them the climate of the collection but his designs are always Chanel. Karl is a genius!
What's more, we can't forget about the fact that Gabrielle Coco was constantly breaking the rules and Lagerfeld just continues this tradition. French lady did it even more drastically - mind the times when she lived, former fashion and women's position in the society. 
However, German Paris-based designer is controversial too. Just google his strange habits, facts about his beloved kitten Chouppette or most popular quotes. I recommend you also going to the Fashion from Art encyclopedia: link 1, link 2. It's highly possible that without fueling controversy or dividing people in his haters and lovers he would die. Why am I speaking about this? Because Lagerfeld's collections for Chanel are just like him and the latest one doesn't step out of line.
Allowedly, Lagerfeld makes collections which are somehow connected with the place where they are shown. Pre-Fall 2014 fashion show in Dallas was totally....Dallas-ish so it wasn't very difficult to deduce what will be the general character of the Cruise 2015 collection. As you probably heard or you could conclude from the title, it was set in Dubai. The prediction turned up to be apt - Lagerfeld's latest designs and the whole show were kept in the eastern climate. But that was all what could be predicted because the crazy designer shocked the public again!
Models - Ola Rudnicka was the only Polish who appeared on the runway, changed into mysterious ladies of the Middle East, wives of sheikhs. On their heads we could see headbands with crescents, the symbols of the Islam, in their hands bags looking like canisters. What more was shown in Dubai? Harem pants, reinterpretations of oriental patterns, flowing dresses, Alladin's slippers, patchworks, one outfit - many layers, three-dimensional geometries, weightless materials, tweed - the material which is typical for Chanel, floral prints, original forms, colors more  (beige, black, white, grey) and less characteristic for this fashion house- gold or red...The East was mixed with the West, the old and traditional was reinterpreted and contemporized and Chanel met Orient. And again he perfectly joined the climate of the place with the climate of the collection. ! برافو Bravo!
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