Feb 10, 2015



Okay, I know that this post will be a bit cliché (maybe even not a bit), but I just feel a deep need to sum up the past year. To say it was amazing would be a big understatement. I tend to exaggerate, but 2014 was definitively the best year of my foregoing life.

First of all, the year was incredibly successful as far as my fashion side is concerned. In 2014 I've participated in the biggest amounts of fashion fairs, meetings and shows ever, for exemple in a few Mała Czarna events. I've also visited unbelievable amount of fashion exhibitions, in Palais Galliera, MoMU, Louvre, Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Majorelle Garden and Musée de la Costume et de la Dentelle to name a few. I started to collaborate with Polish art and fashion magazine Bold what enabled me to participate in photo shoots or to publish my pieces online at the magazine's website. I've developed Fashion from Art, I've made my first business cards. The blog gains more and more followers, both these who visit it every day and who like and follow it on social media.

I successfully passed my matura exams what enabled me to start my dream studies - Journalism and Social Communication. It turned out it actually is my dream major and I'm really excited about all the subjects and courses. Yet before I've finished high school I gained 2nd place in the Nationwide Contest about The European Union ,,Gwiezdny Krąg". The prize was really valuable - I've won an internship in the Pomorskie Regional EU Office which is a part of the Commmitte of the Regions, the EU's assembly of local and regional representatives. I ended up spending December working and boarding in the magical, beautiful and surprising city of Brussels.

In 2014 I've met plenty of people who become important in my life or at least in a part of it. Some of them were quite siginificant fashion personas, for exemple Julie Deane, the owner of The Cambridge Satchel Company who agreed to answer my questions about her passions or the opinion on fashion as a branch of art. At the begining of 2015 I had a posibility to talk to two supercool girls who are behind Local Heroes, the brand loved by Riri, Justin Bieber and Rita Ora among others.

The year was incredible as far as voyages are concerned. Travelling is a crucial part of my life and in 2014 I've broken the record of the amount of amazing places visited per year. In winter I spent more than a week skiing in Italian mountains, and at the same time, discovering this country for the...eight time. The end of June was the time of exploring Polish mountaing range, Bieszczady. I did it although I'm not and I've never been fond of mountaineering and in the Fashion victim in the middle of nowhere blog post you can read about my stuggle. Other week of summer holidays was spent in Morocco, where I've been to more than five cities in different parts of the country. Despite having many ambivalent thoughts and impressions about the culture, I just love discovering Africa and it's northwestern part was not a dissapointment. Check out my Moroccans - street style photograhy post and take a look at Moroccan streets. In autumn I've spend a few days with my boyfriend in Ireland. The grass really is greener on that side of the globe. But, fortunately, just in metaphorical sense. As I mentioned before, December was the month of discovering Brussels, but not only. My stay in Belgium was a perfect occassion to visit the hometown of the Antwerp Six and familiarize with the city's unique vibrations.

I had a pleasure to revisit cities which I fell in love with a few years ago or even in childhood. In May I've been to Rome for the forth time in my life. This trip was a way to recover after the challenging marathon of school-leaving exams and I've done it with my BFFs. If you follow Fashion from Art for at least half a year you must remember the post Appuntamento with the Eternal City. In July I've flown to Paris and the icing on the cake of a week spent in this wonderful place was the last day - my 19th birthday. Just imagine eating the birthday breakfast at Ladurée - it's pure magic. Just type paris  in the search gadget on the left side of the page to reread any of five posts written during my stay in the City of Lights. I've also been to the Polish seaside, twice and both trips were full of crazy parties with my amazing pals.

2014 was the year of success, joy, luck, fantastic people, fashion discoveries or inspiring journeys. I wish 2015 will be just as good.

Le Pont des Arts in Paris
Partyin' as a Pink Panther
at the Nationwide Contest about the EU
Brussels - European Parliament
Inside Yves Saint Laurent's and Pierre Berge's residence in Marrakesh
Fes in Morocco
Roma with my BFFs
Le Tour Eiffel
beutiful streets of Roma
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  1. Świetny post naprawdę mi się podoba,świetnie piszesz.Lubię tu zaglądać Kiedy kolejna notka. Kochana mam to ciebie ogromną prośbę dla ciebie to chwila a dla mnie to naprawdę ważne możesz po klikaci w linki odwdzięczę się z góry dziękuję :) http://nicole-500.blogspot.com

    1. dziękuję Ci bardzo! kolejny post juz niebawem!

  2. You had a really great year! Pink Panther is your best look:)


  3. szczęściara :) kocham podróże a rzadko korzystam z takich możliwości :(

    1. polecam sprawdzanie okazji i promocji! ostatnio widziałam lot do Oslo za 6 złotych ;)

  4. Bardzo fajny post. Paryż <33

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