Feb 23, 2015

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO...15 Memorable Moments of The Oscars 2015

The Biggest Winner(s)
 Grand Budapest Hotel came abreast with Birdman as far as the amount of gold statuettes is concerned. The first one, my personal favorite, earned award for Best Production Design, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, and Best Original Score, when the latter got appreciated for Best Picture, Best Directing, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography.

The Polish Moment
 Paweł Pawlikowski's Ida received the award for the Best Foreign Language Film. It was the first Oscar in this category won by a Polish movie. It's a positively great achievement all Polish should be proud of (and forget about Trzebuchowska's and Kulesza's unlucky outfits for the Oscars).

 and The Polish Speech
Because HuffingtonPost, which chose best and worst moments of the Academy's Gala, described it amazingly, I'll just quote them: BEST: Ida director Paweł Pawlikowski's speech. He ignored the music cues and continued talking for a full minute, and we didn't complain once. It's Poland's first Academy Award in the category! 

The Hip Flask of Benedict Cumberbatch
When I was watching GIFs from the Oscars I suddenly saw the one showing Sherlock's star...sipping some tipple from a tiny silver hip flask and I couldn't believe my eyes. Seriously?!

The Oscars? the Runway!
I burst into laughter when I saw this tweet and I bet your reaction will be similar. Anna is Anna and she won't change. Even for the Oscars and this is why we love her.

The Fight for Equality On Stage
Patricia Arquette who got an Oscar in the Best Actress in a Supporting Role category gave a passionate speech: To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s rights. It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America (just look at the end, I'm jealous of the Americans' lovely sense of belonging). Meryl Streep jumped out of her chair to scream yes! and it will surely be the most frequently meme-d moment from the 87th Academy Awards.

The Tears of Chris Pine
The cute actor got emotional after Common and John Legend’s performance of Glory from the movie Selma and started crying.

The Biggest Loser
It seems like the biggest loser of this year's Oscars is Boyhood. This cinematographic experiment was being made for...12 years. It was commonly adulated by the audience and critically acclaimed, but it was only Patricia Arquette, already mentioned above, who got the award for the film.

The Shows
The stars who performed at this year's gala? Rita Ora, Adam Levine, Lady Gaga, Tegan and Sara, Tim McGraw, Common, John Legend and Jennifer Hudson among others.

The Host's Opening Number
This year, it was Neil Patric Harris who was privileged to host the Oscars. Before, he hosted the Tony Awards on Broadway four times and twice the Primetime Emmy Awards. The comedian got memorized for his tradition of opening shows with a musical number and he did it again, whithout Oops!  I must admit it was quite great, especially the beginning. On-stage he joked: Today we honor Hollywood’s best and whitest … I mean brightest, acknowledging the  criticized lack of nominations for people of color in this year’s ceremony. Leter on, Anna Kendrick and Jack Black helped the actor perform his show.

The Lack in In Memoriam
Joan Rivers was never nominated for the golden statuette, but not only fashion addicts consider her as an important part of the Academy Awards. As the most recognizable star of the Fashion Police every year she has been reporting the red carpet outfits for the E! Entertainment. However, she wasn't mentioned among about 50 names in this year's In Memoriam. Take a look at people's reactions.

The Lego Oscars
Some of the Oscars losers didn't go home empty-handed....the host handed out Lego Oscars! The statuettes were connected with The Lego Movie which was nominated in the song category. The stars were extremly delighted. Just look at Oprah.

The Embarrasing/Funny Moment
The host suprised everone by...coming on stage in his underwear and nothing else. It was a homage to the Oscar nominated Birdman. I'm still not sure what to think about this brave act.

The Other Jokes
As I always try to think positive and seek for the assets in every situation, I'm sorry to say that hosting was apparently too much. I love Harris as Barney Stinson but as the Academy Awards' MC he was...let's say he wasn't funny. Just take a look at other joke he made during the event: the actor introduced the actress Reese Witherspoon by describing her as “so lovely, you could eat her up with a spoon.” Just three words here: What the fuck. Later, it got even worse. He was telling his ill-timed jokes after Julianne Moore's  speech about Alzheimer's Disease and other's speeches about suicide and ALS. 

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  1. tegan and sara has also performed.

    1. thank you, already added :)

  2. Akurat sukienka Trzebuchowskiej była chyba najpiękniejszą sukienką tego wieczoru :) Prosta, skromna, z delikatnymi wstawkami dodającymi lekkości (i polskości!), fryzura urozmaicona diademem- świetnie oddała nie tylko urodę aktorki, ale i rolę, którą kreowała w filmie- prostą, ale zachwycającą. Chociaż i tak największą klasę pokazała Cate Blanchett- wyglądała zjawiskowo!

    1. dziękuję za opinię! jutro lub pojutrze na blogu pojawi się post z zestawieniem najlepszych i najgorszych kreacji :)


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