Mar 3, 2015

COSTUME DESIGN AWARD: Grand Budapest Hotel got it. Which other Oscar nominees deserve credit?

Grand Budapest Hotel won the Best Achievement in Costume Design Award. But which other movies deserve to get a round of applause for fashion?

We have all seen the Oscars. We have discussed the host, the awards' justness, victories and fails on the red carpet. Now it's time to focus even more on films and because this is a blog about fashion let's talk about Oscar nominees viewing it from a fashion standpoint. Here's the list of Top 3 productions that win my personal Best Achievement in Costume Design Award and Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling.

This one is pretty obvious. Wes Anderson's latest masterpiece won this year's Best Achievement in Costume Design Award and I totally agree with the verdict. The movie was theatrical in every positive sense possible. I fell in love with the way it was shot from the very begining. Whenever you would like to stop the screening, the still looks like a well-prepared photograph. There's a symmetry in every shot action or baroque richness - other distinguishing characteristics of Anderson's movies. Although the amount of outfits definately wasn't seismic, Grand Budapest Hotel still deserves credit for the costume design, because each turnout of every single charactere was possitively theatrical, too.

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Fairytales are usually quite an obvious pick when it comes to Costume Design Award. Into the Woods is no exception and it was nominated in this category as well. The plot is fabulous, musical numbers are breathtaking and the acting is superb (just look at the cast - Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Johny Deep, Christine Baranski, Anna Kendrick and Chris Pine among others). However, I have an impression than James Lapine's musical disappointed in the score of costumes. There were not as many outfit changes as we expected and the turnouts were not so dazzling as they could be. It was okay, but I hoped for more. On the other hand, some characters looked absolutely stunning and the work devoted to make them look this way is undeniably great. And still, the movie deserves to be on the podium, especially compared with other Oscar nominees.
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The movie about Alan Turing occupies 3rd place mainly because of its aptly adapted retro climate. There's nothing about fashion in this movie.  On the contary, the leading lady is a smart and talented mathematicin who prefers solving  equations rather than mixing and matching clothes. However, Joan Clarke (Keira Knightley in this role) is far from being a true-to-life character as fas as the style issue is concerned. I've never seen a mathematician dressed as well as Clarke. Male characteres, especially Turing played superbly by Benedict Cumberbatch, are incredibly stylish, too. Everything in the escthetics typical for the time of World War II. Great style lesson.

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Do you agree with my picks?

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  1. Wyjątkowo nie oglądałam oskarów, ale po późniejszym obejrzeniu relacji jestem zdania, ze te nagrody zostały przydzielone absolutnie sprawiedliwie. Co prawda mam już długo w zamiarach obejrzenie grand budapest hotel, ale coś to do skutku nie dochodzi.


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