Mar 30, 2015

WHO'S THAT GIRL? - Once upon a time, there was a photo shoot...

On Fashion from Art you can primarly read about fashion and it was always my main goal. However, a few days ago, while browsing my computer, I came across an old mini photo session. It was done by my friend Jędrek Filuś (the same who photographed me in animal patterns) almost...a year ago. One of the photos you know very well - it's the one which became the blog's logo. I've no idea why I haven't share the rest with you earlier. So here they are! Let's laugh together on my acting and modeling skills, which are far from being perfect.

photo session by Jędrzej Filuś

Alluding to the title of the post let's listen to Madonna's Who's That Girl. I just love the 80's!

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