Apr 13, 2015


Hey guys! Did you know that you can follow The Fashion Baroness also on Snapchat? 

Now you can keep me under observation not only on Instagram or Lookbook, but also via the fancy app which enables people to post picutres or videos but for not longer than ten seconds. I started using Snapchat quite late in comparison with my friends or celebrities I follow, but because I'm a social media addict, it didn't take a lot of time for me to fell in love with it. 

If you like the blog, if you stay current with the fan page, you have to follow Fashion from Art on Snapchat. Recently, I'm out of my home town and I discover Warsaw. Explore the capital of Poland with me while watching my photo and video reports from trendy places and cool events, especially those connected with fashion and art. What's coming by leaps and bounds? FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland, of course! I could sing Friends theme song I'll be there for you, becuase surely I'll be there and I'll post as many backstage photos and videos from the runway as I can. On Snapchat you can see far more useless but funny stuff like my everyday looks or some foodporn. You can listen to my weird voice (well, do you know anyone who likes the sound of his/hers voice distorted by electrical devices?) or some danceable music. You are informed about new posts everytime I post one. Well, I can't give the game away. Add me and see if you like it!

I just reread what I've written and...this post looks like a sponsored one. Well, nothing of a sort. I just want you to familiarize yourself with Fashion from Art a little bit more. Latterly, I've noticed a looooot of you adding me on Snapchat what makes me happy and motivated to post more interesting stuff!

You can start following me by adding me as a friend (name: @ElzbietaBaron) or taking photo of this picture with the applcation. Ready, steady, go!

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