Apr 3, 2015

CREATIVE GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS - Enjoy Easter with Fashion from Art!

Today I started Easter preparations. I began wondering how to decorate the house for the festive period, but because I still have some things to buy in order to make it look special, I decided to focus on the presents. In many families, children are bestowed only sweets, but in mine each and every person is given presents, just like during Christmas. I'm always thrilled about choosing something personal for each member of my family, my friends and my boyfriend. After having got this challenging but satisfying task licked, I'm equally excited by gift wrapping.

This time I had even more fun than usually and this is because I decided to act creatively and try to avoid using wrapping paper. Instead of this popular material, I used ribbons, fake hay, tiny chickens and other fancy Easter figures, crepe, shreds of colorful paper, kiddy boxes or envelopes...

Some gifts are packed having Easter in mind, but others are for general purpose what means tou can use the ideas whenever you want. They are perfect for such occasions as birthday, Mother's Day or Christmas.

Take a look at the effects and get inspired!

PS Isn't it art?

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