Apr 29, 2015


In this post I'd like to show you the outfit I chose for the third day of Fashion Week Poland. Oriental prints and shapes are one of most important trends in the spring-summer 2015 season, but actually...I found out about it just a few days ago. This lovely dress was bought in February, but it was waiting  for a very special occasion to make its debut. When I was preparing for the weekend in Łódź and packing my suitcase I decided it's time! 
As always, I had to mess the outfit up. The silver block platform shoes were just a perfect item to do it. I'm sure most of you would match this dress with supercute or elegant pumps, but...this is how I do.

photos: Rafael Poschmann

dress: ASOS | iPhone case/bag: Chanel | tights: H&M | earrings: Tiger | shoes: H&M

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