Jun 28, 2015


The most important part of this outfit is the shirt. It's from Bonprix's menswear collection and the whole look was created to match this piece. The second chosen item were the lozenge-patterned tights. When I drew them out from the bottom of my closet (I've got these tights about six yrs ago, but this photo session was probably the first time I put them on!), they made me think about agryll which in turn connotes...the profession of a lawyer. Yes, I know, this is quite a long chain of inspirations! When I think about it now, I'm not so sure about the obviousness and even accuracy of the assosiation, but well...

You know, I used to think I will make it as a lawyer myself. Fortunately, I quickly realized I prefer writing articles about fashion to lawsuits and decied to follow my heart and dreams. So this is one way of interpreting the title. But here's my boyfriend and the event I've attended today which make it possible to understand it another way. He's a law student and he took me to the off duty party for jurisconsults. And this is what I wore for the occasion. Do I look like a Lawyer's Girl?

by Janek Koźmiński, my boyfriend and a future lawyer which I'm proud of!

SHIRT: Bonprix | SWEATER: Bonprix | SKIRT: Stradivarius | TIGHTS: Gatta | WEDGES: Deichmann | BAG: Mohito


  1. Super blog, bardzo lubię takie posty. <3

  2. Cudowna torebka! :O <3

  3. Dobry pomysł z wykorzystaniem męskiej koszuli! Masz plusa ;)

  4. Świetny look, zapraszam do mnie

  5. Piękne ta koszula z Bonprixa!


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