Jul 16, 2015


So this was my first Open'er Festival and it was...awesome. Buying a weekend ticket instead of the four-day pass turned out to be a huge mistake and deciding not to sleep on the campsite was the second time I've gone wrong. Well, I had fun.

What's the magic of Open'er? The atmosphere. At the end of the festival I counted the number of groups which performed during all four days. Almost one hundred. The amount of bands which name sounded familiar to me? Eleven. The amount of bands which song I could actually croon? Five. I'm not kidding. Yes, I've bought a ticket to a festival (not so cheap one), knowing only five groups. If you think about the fact, that I've gone to Open'er for two days only, the statistics get even worse.

The line-up
We usually prefer having fun hearing the music which is familiar to the ears, but I had a really great time discovering the new. My best discoveries were Mumford and Sons and Domowe Melodie. Totally different, but I listen to a lot of types of music and fell in love with them equally. 

Open'er's veterans will kill me, but I have to say, the festival is not only about music. It got totally commercial through the years, so there were...a lot of attractions. My favourite? Connected with fashion, of course. I was over the mood, when I found out there's a Fashion Stage. I actually got inside quite late, at the end of the festival, but I managed to see P-Fashion, Arkadius' new brand's show and talk to some designers. I was blisfully happy chatting with Ania Młynarczyk, the owner of Annomalia and Patryk Wojciechowski, who both were not only contestants, but also finalists of the latest Project Runway TVN. With the latter, I even exchanged business cards, so I hope he will see this post. 

I did it! With Patryk Wojciechowski
Now I totally understand why people keep Open'er bands on their hands till the following edition or even longer. Yesterday, there was a video published on the official fan page of the festival, which perfectly sums up the mood typical for the majority. A mix of movie fragments showing emptiness and sadness. Yes, dear Open'ers, now I know what you feel every July. 

But I won't bore you with more information about the festival.  Now it's time for the photo report. If you follow me on social media (what I hope you do), you should be familiar with some photos, although planning to write this post, I tried to keep most of them unpublished. Even on snapchat, what was extremely hard. I hope you appreciate the effort.

On the go!


Annomalia by Anna Młynarczyk. Fashion + performance. Yes, fashion is art!
 P-Fashion fashion show, Fashion Stage
The already-famous selfie with Hozier ;)

Have you been to Open'er yourself? Do you like music festivals? What do you think about my outfits for the occasion? Tell me in comments!


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